pets and animals

Our pets are our family too. Having a tool to help with them with their discomfort and stress is essential.

Even horses have benefited. Slim super-sized a couple of the tools to help an employee’s horse. He made large versions of the Lost Cubit Acu-Vac Coil and the Feedback Loop to help with pain and muscle soreness.

A 3 ½ Sacred Cubit Tensor Ring put below the belly and on the back of a horse with colic, helped relieve the discomfort in a horse.

That same horse was having respiratory issues and the owner only had a Nose Mask. She held it over the horse’s nose, alternating nostrils until the breathing improved. Later Slim would create the Horse Mask to make it simpler. People like to wear it on their head for headache relief or to balance brain hemispheres depending on the direction it’s turned.

Placing a 3 ½ Sacred Cubit, heavy Tensor Ring under a dogs’ bed is an excellent way to ease the sleep of an older pet.

Use a Practitioner’s Set to potentize the water of your animals.

Using the Sacred Cubit Tensor rings around the neck or placing one over any tender or sore areas may help diminish any upsets.